What Bruce does during his "Regular Servicing"

On Windows computers

I do regular servicing for many people by remote control over the Internet.

Aside: Click here to see What Bruce's automatic servicing does at night (Weekly).

There are my regular steps that I do, then there are extra things I do as needed.

The simple explanation:

I do things that I can't set my automatic servicing to fix, because they require human intelligence to perform.  Such as fixing obvious minor problems I see.  Fixing things you told me about or doing other things you asked me to do.  Getting rid of bad apps & programs (adware, fraudware, spyware, useless software, software you unintentionally installed).  Checking for errors in the background of Windows and fixing the causes, if possible.  Fixing problems with Windows Updates (unfortunately).  Updating various programs (some of which users often ingore the update requests for).  Doing maintenance tasks that require expert attention.  Fixing major problems if necessary.

If a problem is bad enough that will take a long time to address, I will contact you about it, and may do it another time.

What I charge for this

I charge my usual rate of $30 per hour, plus a $2 remote control charge for the day.  How long it takes me can vary depending on what problems there are with the computer, the speed of your computer, and the speed of your Internet connection.  It is difficult to estimate ahead of time, but I can try if you ask.

The remote control program costs me money, so I am attempting to pay for it with the $2 Remote Control Charge to clients when I use it.

How I actually do this work

I charge only for the time I'm actively working on a computer, so time spent waiting for various things like scans to finish, or for a computer to reboot, is not charged.

It is very important that no-one touches the computer while I am doing the Remote Servicing on it.  You could interfere with what I am doing, causing me to take longer (thus charge you more), for the servicing.  It will also annoy & frustrate me.

When I am finished with the servicing, I put a message filling the screen saying so.  Or, if the client (you), wishes, I will shutdown the computer when I'm finished.


The details of my steps:

* Defragmentation & optimization is skipped for SSDs (Sold State Drives).  SSDs should not be defragmented.  A SSD is very different from a traditional "hard drive", and is very fast.  A computer with an SSD does not run faster if the SSD is defragmented, and regular defragmentation significantly reduces the life span of the SSD.

Extra things I do occasionally if necessary:


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